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Hello there

I'm an experienced Digital Designer & Art Director based in beautiful, at times cold Aarhus, DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark, Berlin, Germany.  

I specialise in designing minimalistic, aesthetic UX / UI design for digital interactive concepts. My interests revolve around innovation, the value of good design, empathy and how these can be consolidated. Using my knowledge in service design and design thinking, I help self-empowered teams and organisations thrive.

After graduating Multimedia Design, followed by Digital Design at the Aarhus University, I now collaborate with various clients on a freelance basis. By approaching problem solving analytically, my purpose is to create excellent design, that appeals to the designated target group. Some of the names I’ve worked with include: BMW, Rambus, Daimler and X-BIONIC.

Interests: art, philosophy, sociology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, sports.

Devote yourself to your Art.