I'm a digital designer based in beautiful, at times cold Aarhus, DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark, Berlin, Germany.  

I specialise in user experience design  for digital, interactive concepts as well as graphic design. I translate user needs to solutions through user-centered design principles. My interests revolve around innovation, the value of good design, empathy and how these can be consolidated. Using my knowledge in service design, I help teams and organisations thrive.

Having graduated Multimedia Design, followed by Digital Design at the Aarhus University in Denmark, I now collaborate with clients around the world on a freelance basis. By approaching problem-solving analytically, my goal is to create excellent user experiences. Some of the names I’ve worked with include: UEFA, BMW, Rambus, Daimler and X-BIONIC®.

Interests: art, philosophy, sociology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, sports.