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Hello there.

I'm an experienced Digital Designer & Art Director based in beautiful, at times cold Aarhus, DenmarkCopenhagen, Denmark, Berlin, Germany.  

I specialise in minimalistic, aesthetic UX / UI design for digital interactive concepts, as well as graphic design and typography. Additionally, I’m a dedicated conceptual thinker. Using my knowledge in service design and design thinking, I help self-empowered teams and organisations thrive.

After graduating Multimedia Design, followed by Digital Design at the Aarhus University, I now collaborate with various clients on a freelance basis. By approaching problem solving analytically, my purpose is to create excellent design, that appeals to the designated target group. Some of my clients include: BMW, Rambus, MINI and X-BIONIC.

Interests: art, philosophy, sociology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, sports.

Devote yourself to your Art.